Power of Presence: A 5-day Silent Immersion

Embark on a profound inner journey with Swami Karma Karuna during our 5-day Silent Meditation Immersion Retreat

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced practitioner, the practices unfolded guide you towards discovering deeper levels of awareness – from the comfort of your home.

This 5-day silent meditation retreat provides an opportunity to travel to your own centre,
to find the stillness within and discover that your own inner nature is unchanging.
The retreat offers the unique opportunity to explore tools that will help you to truly find
peace, happiness, clarity and perspective on the whole of life.

Well-Balanced Practices

Tuning in to the residential retreat, the online option gives access to Meditation Practices to actively encourage a self-explorative approach to meditation. The integral approach provides a gentle way to prepare the body, energy and mind for meditation practice whilst creating balance in body, mind, and energy fields.

Silent Retreat Experience

Embrace the transformative power of silence as you disconnect from the external world and turn your focus inward. Silence provides a nurturing environment for self-reflection, deepening your meditation practice, and cultivating inner peace from the comfort of your own home.

This inspiring retreat is centered around the development of presence, which is practiced on the mat, but most importantly can be taken away and applied to enhance your daily life with purpose, resilience, clarity and a deeper intuitive connection.

Explore the topic of meditation from different angles; What is its purpose? How do we practice it effectively? How can we sustain our meditation practice? And what are the tangible benefits that meditation can bring to our everyday lives?

This course is suitable for:

• For all sincere students, seekers, and spiritual adventurers.
• To develop and extend your regular meditation practice of finding the answers within the self.
• Each meditation experience is unique with the potential to go deeper