Bhavani Davies

Bhavani has been involved in the wellness industry for over 15 years. She became interested in Yoga as a form of exercise in her teenage years. As a young adult she deepened her understanding and became more curious in learning about the mind and body relationship. After practicing more dynamic and traditional practices, she leaned into the art of pausing. This opened her up to the journey of Restorative, Somatics and Therapeutics. 

​Bhavani has trained with many great teachers in this field such as Dr. Ganesh Mohan, Donna Farhi, Neal Goshal, Lisa Petersen, and more. She has also trained with Svastha Yoga Therapy school for several years, is a Certified Yoga Therapist, runs a Back Care Clinic each year at Sanctuary Hill and is a registered Yoga New Zealand Level 3 Teacher. She has a very intuitive approach to this healing art.

Since 2023, she has started offering “The Soothe Method”, a training designed for Yoga teachers, therapists or individuals who wish to receive an education to reorganize the nervous system, calibrate and reset the body. This training consists of a blend of: Somatics, Restorative Yoga, Breathing techniques, Yoga Nidra.

Bhavani Davies's Events & Workshops