Elizabeth Klagsbrun

I returned to New Zealand after living in Europe 2 years ago. After practicing yoga for over 13 years, and working at Earth Yoga, Mallorca (my ‘home’ studio) as a dedicated Karma Yogi, I decided to do my teacher training at the same studio – Earth Yoga, Palma de Mallorca Spain – to further my practice and to help others in the way yoga has helped me. I have never been what is considered ‘flexible’ (could never touch my toes), and I was looking forward to reaching out to those, who like me, knew they wanted to give yoga a go – but were put off initially thinking they were not ‘flexible’ enough for yoga – or just feeling shy to give it a go! I describe my teaching style as an earthy, grounding and dynamic Vinyasa flow – always taking time to really warm up into the flow, before starting to flow. I like to think my class is fun and grounding, with a lot of emphasis on alignment of core poses and breath. I love teaching yoga to those young, old, new to the practice and anything in between. I teach from my home in Glendowie; a warm, casual and comfortable surrounding. All students are welcomed by a wagging tail – as my dog greets you at the door. I am also happy to travel to teach. Namaste!

Email: elizabethkyd@gmail.com

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