Rachel Chapman

My name is Rachel Chapman and I create yoga circles. My teaching was born out of my love for yoga and the beautiful and profound personal journey I found myself on through this practice. I wanted to keep learning and sharing the knowledge with others, I enjoy teaching people of all ages and abilities as much as I love the challenges that I continue to discover in my own personal practice. It is my hope that through my classes people will also experience the deep joy, serenity and healing that yoga has offered for me.

I embarked on a 2 year teacher training journey IYTA Aotearoa in 2007 and have been teaching yoga for 14 years, both in the UK in North Yorkshire and now here in New Zealand. During my first pregnancy with my daughter in 2009, I trained in London in Pregnancy and Post Natal Yoga and have taught both pre and post natal yoga ever since. I have also learnt to guide children and teenagers with Samadhi Yoga in 2011. All of these learnings have been in Hatha yoga with Panjantali’s sutras at their heart. I teach yoga nidra, restorative yoga and women’s yoga.

I am the lead teacher on the IYTA’s teacher training, which is currently half way through it’s cycle. I have been a tutor on this 18 month yoga journey through two other teaching rounds. I also teach weekly classes in Hawke’s Bay and teach on private retreats.

Website: www.circleofyoga.co.nz

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